Monday, December 10, 2018

Temple of the Seer

After the Crypt, the party decided to refocus on the main quest of locating Jekserah. But first, some encounters before heading out to the Watcher Mountains to look for the Seer in the temple.

In Gloomhaven, the party was offered some delicacies by a Quatryl. Trying the food was a good choice, with the party gaining Bless for the upcoming adventure.

Along the way on the road to the temple, the party helped a bleeding man in armor, consuming Weaver’s supply of potion.

At the temple, the party was greeted by a bunch of Stone Golems. Taking out these giants took some time, but it was not too difficult other than having to lose some cards as it took more attacks than necessary to take them out (due to unlucky Attack Modifiers).

The second room with the Altar is more interesting, and definitely more challenging. A whole bunch of enemies were waiting when the party entered. The Bears caused huge amount of damage as well as inflicting Wound. The Living Spirits had high Shield, negating most damages done to them. And the Spitting Drakes, giving Muddle effects to anyone in range.

Facing the huge number of enemies, Weaver put on her Cloak of Invisibility, causing a choke point at the entrance to the room an allowing the rest of the party to get into better tactical position.

The battle here was tough, and Brutus had to lose some cards to negate damages. Again, Weaver came up with an epic move Riding the Wind to the back of the room to pick up a treasure chest. At the end turn, she maneuvered into position behind the enemies to cast Fire Orbs. It helped that the Bless card made an appearance, killing two Spirits and a Drake. So the donation to the Sanctuary of the Great Oak came in handy at the right time!

Eventually, only the Elite Drake was left. Brutus was hit by the Drake’s Muddle and Stun effect, so he could not land the killing blow. Luckily, the Mystic Ally came to the rescue and its attack defeated the Drake.

This scenario had a number of Muddle Traps which would be useful for Brutus to push the enemies into. But with the relentless attacks, he could not get into position to do that. And again, although having the least H.P., Weaver proved to be the most effective and powerful member in the group with her AOE attacks and the Summon ability.

The scenario ended with both Weaver and Tinder gaining a level. But the loot this time round was rather meager. Well, you can have everything.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Epic success at Crypt of the Damned

After the failure in the last mission to the Crypt of the Damned, the party went back to Gloomhaven to rethink how to approach this scenario. The previous method of clearing out the rooms one by one clearing didn’t work. 

With that in mind, the Solo Bunch decides to attempt the scenario again. Also, Brutus leveled up to Level 3 so hopefully his new Brute Force ability will give the party some additional help. 

Before that, the party spent some gold to help a frail white-haired woman to clear some rat infestation. No rewards for this task though... a let down.

On the way to the Crypt, the party also met a bunch of thieves. In order not to start the scenario wounded, they decided to hand over some gold.

Not a good start, having lost a number of gold before even the scenario started.

This time in the first room, instead of attacking the enemies from their starting positions, the party hugged the left wall, with Brutus flanking and attacking them from behind. The +3 Attack Modifier gained from leveling up made an appearance and helped to despatch the Archers quickly.

The second room proved to be a tougher challenge. The damn Cultists summoned so many Living Bones that the room became crowded. It didn’t help that the three Archers laid down a row of traps which hindered the party’s attack.

With the traps, Brutus had to jump over them, and right into the midst of the enemies on his own. Meanwhile, not being able to move forward, Weaver and Tinder used range attacks to target the enemies. The range attacks helped to kill the Archers but the Living Bones remained, and Brutus on his own suffered heavy damage and had to use his Healing Potion, which he thought he could save for later on when the Demons appear.

This is when the strategy changed. Instead of waiting for the second room to be cleared, Tinder opened the room with the Earth Demons. After that, both Weaver and him jumped over the traps, leading the Earth Demons into the row of traps.

This gambit worked! Both Weaver and Tinder are now able to help Brutus to attack the Living Bones, while the Earth Demons followed them and one of them tripped the traps, losing some HP in the process.

With the Living Bones in the second room cleared, Brutus made a long distance move into the last room to engage the Cultists and Wind Demons. Weaver moved in to help with her Impaling Eruption attack.

Back in the previous room, the summoned Mystic Ally and Tinder stayed back to deal with the Earth Demons. Their slow movements allowed our heroes to attack them from range, and to close in when necessary.  

Sure enough, having the party divided into two groups worked. With the Mystic Ally a huge help. In fact, the Mystic Ally was the one who struck the killing blow which ended the last Earth Demon.

Lessons from this scenario:
- Engaging enemies head on is not always a good idea.
- Clearing room by room is also not a good idea.
- Turn perils into something you can use. In this case, the row of traps laid down by the enemy Archers.
- With the summoned Mystic Ally, split the party into two to engage the enemies on two fronts.

Overall, this was an epic battle that almost seemed hopeless when the party reached the second room. But some tactical thinking, and of course some good luck help.

Weaver has to be grateful that completing this scenario helped in her personal quest. The party also needs to decide on whether to continue to the other crypts, or resume their quest of seeking Hail’s help. 

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Overwhelmed in the Crypt of the Damned

Given that Weaver is a seeker of Xorn, the party decided to check out the Crypt of the Damned to find out what is the ‘gloom’ plaguing Gloomhaven.

But before the party could get out of the city, they encountered a boy caught by the city guards for snatching purses. Recognizing the boy as someone they have dealt with in the Sunken Market, the party decided to intervene, and pay for his fine.

On the road to the Crypt, the party came across a bunch of cultist performing a strange ritual. It was an interesting development, meeting these cultists along the way... a sign of things to come?

In the Crypt, dealing with the enemies in the first room was not too difficult.

It was in the second room that gave the party some trouble. Weaver leaped ahead to take the treasure chest only to find that it contained a poison trap. Soon, Weaver had to bow out of the scenario with no more HP due in part to the poison damage. Brutus and Tinder had to soldier on and one of the brilliant move by Tinder in the room was using his Flamethrower to wound the Earth Demons.

Success was short lived. The two remaining party members made their way to the final room and had to deal with the Wind Demons and more Cultists.

That was not enough, the Cultists summoned Living Bones and with their cards running out, Brutus was exhausted and Tinder was surrounded by the enemies.

Perhaps one lesson from this is that one should not be too greedy in going for the treasure. But what is an adventuring party to do? Getting treasures is part of their DNA! The party now goes back to Gloomhaven to rethink their strategy and will return for another attempt.

Two out of Three in the Frozen Hollow

To say that Gloomhaven is a tough town is an understatement. Taking a wrong turn after a night of merry-making, the party tripped over a mutilated corpse and a City Guard happened to walk by. The party tried to explain that they were not the cause, but not having enough reputation meant that suspicion ruled... with a lost of 2 reputation to the group.

On the way to the Frozen Hollow, encountered a bear. Wisely, the group chose to avoid confrontation, but that lead to all party members losing a check each. Better than going into the Frozen Hollow wounded, I guess.

The first group of enemies encountered in the Frozen Hollow is a bunch of Hounds. These guys are fast!

They quickly rushed forward and Brutus did a good job of holding them off. But he succumbed to exhaustion early on in the scenario, absorbing too much damage. But that gave Weaver enough time to summon the Mystic Ally, and for Tinder to fire off a number of ranged shots.

It’s too bad that the party will have to deal with the remaining two rooms in the scenario without the strength of their Inox party member.

With the Mystic Ally’s presence, most of the scenario was done by just two characters. It helped that the Frost Demon and Living Spirits didn’t overwhelmed them due to slower movements.

The two managed to reach the last room, and was faced with a bunch of enemies... every enemy type they have encountered can be found in this last room.

Weaver used her Ride the Wind ability here twice. Once to get to the treasure at the back of the room, and another time to get behind the enemies to target them with multiple attacks of Fire Orbs and Impaling Eruption.

Overall, it was a scenario where the party thought they would not make it, due to losing Brutus early in the scenario. But the remaining two managed to hold on and fought till the end, dealing out their most powerful damage right at the end to finish the enemies off.

The good thing is that the party found an orb which gave the Power of Enchantment and also gained the help of Hail the Aesther enchanter. The bad thing is that with Brutus bowing out early in the fight, slowing his progress towards leveling up to the next level. Well, there’s always the next scenario... 

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Gloomhaven Warehouse

The city of Gloomhaven is not always a nice place. The party got pickpocketed by a Vermling, and the attempt to pursue the thief was in vain. Everyone in the party was 5 gold poorer at the end of the encounter.

After being warned by Argeise and finding out that the merchant Jekserah is not who she seems, the party decided to head to the Gloomhaven Warehouse. Stepping into Jekserah’s warehouse, a bunch of Living Bones attacked the party.

The first room in this scenario is not that difficult. Despite being protected by the Shield ability, the Living Bones were easily taken care of.

The second room was not too difficult either. Tinder jumped over the trap and got hold of the treasure, while the other two focused on the bunch of Living Corpses.

The thing about this room is that it is a narrow passageway leading to the next door. One had to fight the enemies one at a time, or had to do some jumping to get around them. Range attack was also employed. It was a good thing that the enemies were slow.

With the help of the Summoned Mystic Ally, and some lucky double strike, Weaver was able to kill off the first two Corpses.

With only one Elite Living Corpse left, Brutus was able to move towards it, and killing it was not too difficult.

Tinder summoned a decoy to first spring a trap blocking the passage. The decoy was also used to open the door to the last room, and revealing two Inox Bodyguards. These fellas were tough, and they strike hard!

It was a combination of luck and careful utilization of the cards for the party to successful finish this mission. The tactics employed were:
- Using the Summoned decoy to absorb the first wave of damage from the Inox Bodyguards.
- Weaver turned invisible at the door, and attacked the enemy, at the same time preventing them from getting out of the room.
- With the enemies bunched up at the doorway, Tinder’s Net Shooter ability came in handy and caused damage to both of them.
- Weaver then jumped into the room and used ranged attack on the enemies from the back.
- Brutus moved up and positioned himself at the door to absorb attacks and also to deal out damage as much as he could. The downside to this was that the Inox Bodyguards had strong Retaliate ability, and Brutus took damage till he had 1HP left.
- Tinder stayed at the back to heal and also to do some range attacks when able to.
- The final blow came from Tinder when he used a 5 Attack which took out the final Bodyguard.

With that, the party completed the scenario, unlocked more scenarios, and Weaver and Tinder were able to level up.

Meeting up with Argeise again, she  suggested to the Solo Bunch that they can seek out the help of an Aesther enchanter to help track down the fleeing Jekserah. To do that the party decides to head to the Frozen Hollow...

Saturday, December 01, 2018

Well of the Unfortunate

Back in the City, the Solo Bunch continued with their Lawful ways, rejecting a job which required them to do some thieving. That’s not the way for heroes, for sure.

The Bunch decided to embark on the side quest journeying to the Well of the Unfortunate. Along the way, they met a bunch of Inox warriors fighting a band of armoured humans. Of course, with Brutus in the party, they opted to help the Inox. When the dust settled, the Inox thanked the party by gifting them a Necklace of Teeth. It’s a pretty useful item for Weaver to have, allowing for 1HP heal each time an she gets an enemy kill. 

At the Well, it was a huge battle fest. Plenty of Vermling Scouts and Shamans were there to stop the bunch from getting to the objective, i.e. to throw a doll into the well, hoping that it will cure the daughter of a finely-dressed man which they met.

With the objective of bring the doll to the well, this is a rather interesting scenario. They party nominated Tinder to carry the doll, hoping that his swift movement will help them achieve the goal. Of course, it didn’t go according to plan. With so many enemies outside the door, the party had to deal with all of them before being able to make any headway into the passageway. Weaver was the one tasked to hit the pressure plate which will open the door to the passageway.

To get the plates, traps were activated and with traps, there’re always ways to lead the enemy into them.

With the door to the passage open, the bunch confronted a whole new breed of enemy... the Stone Golem! They were tough opponents but the bunch opted not to rush in, and had the Golems trickle out of the passage, dispatching them one at a time.

With the passage clear, it was a race to get to the room where the well is! It’s easy to avoid traps in such an empty place...

Brutus was the first to open the door, and was confronted by Living Spirits. These fellas can fly and can hit hard!

With the objective so close, the aim is not to kill them all, but to hold them off so that Tinder can get to the well. So all the party had to do was to hang on.

Both Weaver and Brutus held the way, becoming exhausted in the process. But it was okay. They cleared the way for Tinder to jump into the room to toss the doll into the well. Mission accomplished!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Inox Encampment success

After the last unsuccessful attempt at discovering what’s behind the Inox Encampment, the party went back to Gloomhaven for some rest and for Brutus to level up.

While in the city, the party managed to stop a mob from hanging a Vermling thief, gaining another Prosperity point for Gloomhaven.

On the road back to the Inox Encampment, the party, still doing their lawful deeds, helped to protect a large caravan by traveling with them. Could have attacked the caravan for more gold, but that’s not the way of the Solo Bunch.

In this attempt at the scenario, the party took a more cautious approach, pushing some of the Guards back and taking on the remaining enemies from the left flank. This time, Weaver survived long enough to take out the Elite Shaman, achieving her Battle Goal for the scenario.

The party also made a tactical choice to ignore all the other doors, focusing on getting to the cave, and trying to hang back to allow the Guards to enter the room, just so that they can achieve the goal of killing 15 enemies.

The Mystic Ally summoned by Weaver played a big part too. Luck was on its side when an attack on an Inox Archer was a critical 2x hit.

After clearing out the many Inox Guards who kept appearing out of the cave, Weaver ran towards the entrance. She managed to reveal the enemies inside but was both Immobilized and Disarmed. Meaning that she has to just stand by the entrance, blocking the way for the party to enter the cave to confront the enemies.

The party finally entered the cave but Weaver ended up being exhausted and had to leave the last 2 enemies to Tinder and Brutus. The final blow to the last Inox Shaman was a Toxic Bolt to its head.

With that, the Inox Encampment was completed... after 3.5 hours...

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Beaten in the Inox Encampment

Tinder the Tinkerer has joined the party. His dream is to join the Merchant Class, hoping to gather enough treasure and open up a shop when he retires. For now, he adventures with the Solo Bunch.

In Gloomhaven, the party helped to repel an attack, gaining some experience in the process.

But on the journey to Dagger Forest, Tinder found a puppy and decided to bring it back to Gloomhaven to find a home. Too bad that this caused him to be distracted during his adventure with additional negative Attack Modifiers added into his deck.

Everything went quite well, until the untimely exhaustion of Weaver. Leaving the 2 remaining heroes to battle the scenario. This scenario is tough for two reasons:
- The spawning Inox Guards coming from the cave right at the back.
- Having to kill 15 enemies for completion of the scenario.

I think if Weaver had not left the battlefield so early on, the party may have had a chance at success.

With only two heroes in play, the party had to think of some interesting strategy to deal with the obstacles ahead. So using the Summoned Decoy, the trap  leading into the cave was disabled, clearing the way for Brutus to enter.

Brutus was able to move quickly into the cave, and pushed the Inox Shaman into the trap set by Tinder for a quick kill.

The party was very close to succeeding. Very very close. Only one enemy left, but they eventually ran out of steam. Brutus was too far away to help to defeat the remaining Inox Shaman, and so here ends the scenario.

The good thing is that Brutus has gained enough XP to head back to Gloomhaven to get some rest and to level up.