Saturday, August 06, 2005

SDP, you call that a podcast?

I'm not 100% pro-PAP, but I'm not pro-opposition either. The thing is, the Singapore Democratic Party has sent out a press release that they have launched a podcast to "breach the control of the media by the PAP government." What a joke! This thing that they're calling a podcast is just a MP3 recording of the SDP chief Chee Soon Juan going on about his usual gripes about the current government. It's NOT A PODCAST! Where's the RSS feed that makes this a proper podcast feed?

My point is that don't just jump on the podcast bandwagon. If it's a proper podcast that uses the related RSS technology to deliver the MP3, I would really have no problems. But calling it a podcast when it's not, it's just plain silly and shows how inept the SDP really is.

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